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Howdy Bloggers!

As our trip rapidly draws to a close, I thought I would take the time to reflect on all the unique types of accommodation we stayed in and transportation we used to get around during our stay in Thailand. Depending on your taste and budget, Thailand offers so many different types of lodging from high end hotels, to renting a tent and spending a night under the stars.

During our stay in Phuket we chose to rent a more upscale apartment called Kamala Beach Estate, located on Kamala beach, which worked out to be $44/night/person. With the 3 of us sharing it was very inexpensive, and totally worth it! We ended up with a 2 bedroom suite overlooking the Andaman Sea. It was easy for us to participate in any of the day trips they offered at the estate, and it felt as if we had our own private island during our stay.

Other types of accommodation that were available were bed and breakfasts, hotels, bungalows, apartments, condos, and resorts. Apartments are an economical way to stay in Thailand that offers the privacy of a hotel with the price of a hostel. Many apartments were available to rent for as little as $9 per night. The most unique type of accommodation we saw was the tenting. You could rent one or bring your own and camp. Most of the National Parks throughout Thailand offer camping.

Getting around Thailand was easier than we had originally anticipated. In Bangkok they have a fairly efficient rail system called the BTS. It was super easy to get around the city, as it stops at all the major centers and shopping areas. The cars are all air conditioned, which was a nice relief when being stuck in a car full of people. Paying was very easy, you could purchase a charge card and simply fill it with the amount you wanted and use it as you needed. You never had to worry about having a ticket handy; just swipe and go!
The canal boats were also a fantastic way to get around in Bangkok, as they’re super quick and efficient and you don’t have to deal with as much traffic. It was very inexpensive too, as a 20 minute boat ride cost us about 10 baht ($0.32 CAD). The only downside was the fact that if a bigger boat passes you, you do get sprayed and the canal water is NOT the cleanest. The taxis all have “taxi-meters” installed in them now, so unfortunately you can’t barter for the amount of a journey. The bus system is also well organized, cheap and efficient. You can purchase coupon books when buying your BTS charge card and it comes with free bus passes!
The most unique types of transportation we came across were the “Tuk-Tuk” and the rickshaw. The “Tuk-Tuk” means every in Thai and that’s because they are EVERYwhere! They reminded me of a 3-wheel golf cart, as they have the canopied seat behind the driver. They’re not very big, which wasn’t an issue for us girls, but anyone over 5’5’’ would have to cram themselves in as the ceiling is low and the leg room very sparse. You have to negotiate a price with the driver, and they aren’t any cheaper than a taxi. It was a very unique way of getting around the city, as you cram into the little seat behind the driver as they weave in and out of traffic to get you where you need to go. If you come to Thailand and don’t have at least one Tuk-Tuk ride, you are missing out!

This is our last few hours before we head back home and felt it necessary to have a overview of some fun stuff!
It was nice talking to you in Thailand Bloggers!
Talk to you on our next adventure!
I'm thinking Spain.. Anyone? Cha cha cha!

Yours Truly,

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca

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Oh hi there bloggers!

We went to the ultimate nighttime cultural theme park last night located on Kamala Beach called Phuket Fantasea! This is a must see if you are looking for some major entertainment in Phuket. It is inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage and showcases the ancient Thai traditions with amazing technology and effects. It literally felt like Fantasia at Disneyland! There was so much to do there! We went into a carnival village had games, shopping and handicrafts. After looking all around the massive park we entered a 4,000 seat themed restaurant and watched a breath taking Vegas style show. We also went to the palace of Elephants theatre where we got to watch elephants act! One of our favorites though was the Tiger Jungle Adventure theatrical safari! This place was so amazing we wished we had time to go back and do what we missed! Here is a link to there website!
Phuket Fantasea

Today was such a great day bloggers! Full of such excitement and laughter -- Rebecca cried she was laughing so hard probably about 6 times! Tonight was are last night so we just had a couple drinks here when we got home and reflected on our trip and how we ate bugs, talked to lady boys and even teased Rebecca how much she said "cute" on the trip. We have had such a great time!

Thats it for tonight bloggers! Expect a long one tomorrow! Good Night!

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca

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Hungover Paradise



What a night! We spent the time walking around the bars and clubs and most of it is.. not going to lie, kind of a blur. We saw LADY BOYS! Which is basically a Transgendered male. And we were around them for a lot of the night! And man! Do they ever know how to dance!

I remember us having a lot of beer because in Thailand large beers are only about 40 Baht (less then $1.50 Canadian). Which is absolutely amazing! We had.. way way too many.

Today is going to be a relax by the beach and sleep day with a lot of bottles of water close by.

I'm going to lay down now bloggers.

Talk to you soon!

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca <3

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(Poo-KET) Island:


Ah tropical paradise! After a one-hour flight from Chiang Mai we made it to one of our dream places, the lush tropical island of Phuket. After the Indian Ocean Tsunami hitting it in 2004 Phuket is recovering and rebuilding fast. We hardly noticed it was hit! It was so beautiful! We spent the day at Patong Beach that is the most popular beach resort on Phuket. After an afternoon nap we hit the town! It had so many bars and clubs we tried to catch them all down Bangla Road. All night we will be saying ‘mai pen rai’ which translates to don’t worry, be happy.

Short blog today bloggers. We are going out tonight! Chow!

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca

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How to Eat Fried Worms


We found a strange snack today in Chiang Mai on Khao San Road… fried Insects! We tried the grasshopper and worms! They actually tasted like french fries! You only live once right?!
Mmmmm mmm Good!

We couldn’t travel to Thailand without eating some spicy curries so last night we went to a popular local restaurant to conquer the menu. In parts of Thailand Curries are almost eaten everyday! I don’t know how there mouths handle it cause our mouths were on fire! Curry is a variety of spiced dishes. Our favorite was the coconut curry! We also tried some Pad Thai, that is pan fried rice noodles with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, chopped peanuts and egg mixed with chicken and seafood. We realized while eating these that food here is spicy!

We washed down our meals with some beers. Beer is very popular here it reminded us of our homeland! We tried Singha and Chang and had to tell our waiter no ice in our glasses because of the chance that the ice might not be purified. Our waiter also gave us three good-looking girls a shot of traditional Mekong whiskey that is fermented from sugarcane.


What a great day! Have a great night Bloggers!

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca

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