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After months of intensive planning, scrimping and saving every penny possible, the long awaited day has finally arrived! Tonight we start our much anticipated journey to Thailand! Allie, Rebecca, and I met at the Calgary airport early yesterday morning as our flight departed at 11 am. We had a connection in Vancouver and Seoul, finally arriving in Bangkok after 11 pm today. The total flight time was 23 hours, which didn’t include our connection times in between flights. So far, we’ve been awake for almost 40 hours. Luckily we made arrangements for a late check-in at our hotel here in Bangkok, and we’re getting settled into our room as we’ll be here for the next couple days during our stay.

I have attached this link to see the full route map of our trip as most of you will want to see this!
Route Map for our trip!

I’m glad we did our research prior to departure, it definitely better prepared us for what to expect when we got here. We went and looked on the travel advisories and watched the sexy boys from Departures go through Thailand and it really helped us make the decision that we really wanted to go! For any of you bloggers looking to go to Thailand here’s the link! To both the travel advisories website and the episode of departures!


Going through customs at the airport was no issue, seeing how we had all our necessary documentation ready. If you’re traveling through Thailand and staying less than 30 days, and it is non-business travel, you only need a valid passport. As you go through any point of entry through Thailand, you must make sure that your passport is stamped by an immigration officer to show you have permission for entry.

The currency also took us a bit to get used to, as it’s so different from our own! Thailand uses the Baht as their currency, and it’s equivalent to 0.03 Canadian dollars. Bartering is almost obligatory throughout Thailand and most of Asia. Good thing Rebecca and Allie had experience with it, as I was totally lost. The only thing I remembered learning was to keep smiling and make sure you pay a fair price. The language spoken in Thailand is Thai, but many people here are also fluent or can speak and understand English, which was very helpful for us trying to get a cab to our hotel from the airport.

But here is where I leave for today. I desperately need some sleep, as we have a busy day filled with exploring this wonderful city and everything it has to offer.


P.S I added a map to show you where we are going!

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