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Chiang Mai Adventure!

We have arrived at Thailand’s second largest city in the hilly north, Chiang Mai! Chiang Mai is located on the Ping river and has become and increasingly modern city. The kinds of building around here are just amazing! So different from the ones that are in Canada!

We knew we couldn’t go to Thailand without being up-close and personal with some elephants so here in Chiang Mai we went to the Mae SA Elephant Training Center! At this center we got to do so many experimental travel things that we will never forget. First we got to bath the elephants! Then we got to ride them into the jungle! It was unreal!

One of our new friends named Rob!

After our ride through the jungle we went back to base camp and the elephants put on a cute show for us! We then were transferred to a camp in Lampang and watched elephant’s paint, play musical instruments and conduct humorous stunts and skits. Calgary zoo elephants can only paint so they really need to step up there game now!

At the end the day we also go to cross something off our list and go on a bamboo raft ride! We didn’t sink! What an experiential day!

That was out day bloggers! Keep in tune! We are still on the go!

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca

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Floating Market!!!!


On our last day in Bangkok and we have decided to take the day to travel about 20 minutes out of Bankok and see the Floating Market!

For those of you that have no idea what a floating market is.. it is basically a market that is on the RIVER! And you float in guided boats and shop around the shops around you in your boat! Allie and I (Rebecca) are very good at bartering with the vendors as we have done it plenty of times in our other travels. Jen however will not say no and will usually get ripped off. We are trying to teach her along the way!

One of the first things I bought on the floating market is a scarf that took one of the women 2 months to make. She was part of the Long Neck Tribe and I got to choose from a few colors! I chose the purple on on the bottom!

Also from this same stop Allie bought a wooden elephant! She thought it was so cute and loves elephants! You can see the big one in the photo below from the shop we stopped at.

We had a quick bowl of soup before we left the market and got to keep the bowl it was in! We had so much fun today and shared so many laughs!

Talk to you tomorrow my little bloggers!

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca

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River Kwai Bridge Week!


WHOO HOO! Hey hey hey bloggers!

We are so lucky that we got to Experience River Kwai Bridge week! The bridge on the River Kwai is located west of Bangkok in Kanchanaburi. Here is where allied prisoners of war were forced to build the bridge during the WW2 in order for the Japanese to move their supplies to Burma. The Bridge week is a huge festival that displays the historic exhibits from WW2.

We had to see so much in one night! There was a carnival parade with floral floats, a peace pageant and a ride on a steam hauled wartime train. The best part of the whole night though was the lights and sounds show! It was absolutely nuts! It was based on the life and conditions on the death railway. We had the light show translated in English to via headphones. It was a very cool night! Absolutely motivating!
We tried to get a good photo but Jen's camera crapped out!

Today was such a great night but seeing all of the fireworks really made us miss home. It was a tough moment for us girls bloggers but we are back at the hotel now and just downed a couple beer and had a few chocolates so we are doing good now!

Have a great night bloggers! Sleep well with your loved ones and your animals -- I know I miss my charlie.

Allie, Jen, and Rebecca <3

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The Grand Palace In Bangkok

Hey little bloggers!


Today we went to the Grand Palace. We were informed by our travel agent that there was a strict dress code at the Palace so we had to cover our shoulders and wear runners not flip-flops so we got dressed in the appropriate clothes and off to the Palace we went. The Grand Palace is the royal residence that once was a walled fortress. It was built in 1782 and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal Court and the Administrative Seat of Government. We awed at the amazing architecture. (Rebecca awing a little bit louder than the rest of us sometimes. "Awe SWEET!") It was so detailed and creative. Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) is also within the walls of the Grand Palace. The Emerald Buddha is Thailand’s most sacred site. While admiring this Buddha we learned that the robes on the it were changed with season by the King of Thailand and is part of an important ritual in the Buddhist calendar. A picture definitely does not do this Palace’s beauty justice.

Once again, it is a late night.. but I wanted to talk with you a bit bloggers!

I have no idea why I will sit here and write to a crowd of people that I don't even know.. I just like to talk to you bloggers! And thanks for coming to our page and writing all of your amazing comments and feedback!

Have a fantastic night!

Alle, Jen, and Rebecca <3

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Arrived in Bangkok! Time for Temple Traveling!


Good Day All!

Today we went temple traveling! Temples in Thailand are called Wat. We started at the Phra Nakhon district to see the legendary Wat Pho Temple Complex. Wat Pho is also known as the Reclining Buddha and is the most famous and largest statue standing at 60 meters. In this same temple is also the known birthplace of Traditional Thai Massage. Traditional Thai massage is a type of massage that involves stretching and deep massage.


We also saw the soaring Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) that offers a great city view and Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha) that has 4.5 tonne solid-gold carving.

Today was such a long day walking though all of the temples we stopped to get a cup of coffee every now and then. Rebecca and Jen are such addicts! We didn't see any Starbucks but we are keeping our eyes open! I think if we were to see one Rebecca would just die -- she loves coffee that much!
Now it is 8pm and we are absolutely wiped and a little bit thrown off by Jet Lag. (Don't you just LOVE Jet Lag? -- Not.) Anyways this is it for today and look forward for tomorrows blog! We'll be looking forward to you!

Goodnight little bloggers.

Rebecca, Jen, and Allie

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